Poinsett District


Poinsett District Growing into Destination and Community
 Posted: 10/05/22 10:07 AM by Bob Mihalic

The vision that became action 10 years ago is fulfilling the promise of revival in the Poinsett District.  

David Carter, Bloc and Barley, also said he chose his location to open in April because he believed in the potential of the Poinsett District. 

“We want to create the mindshare that the Poinsett corridor is a destination,” he said. 

The GSA reports on the success of revitalization and promise of more to come.


Another Business Coming to the District
 Posted: 12/02/21 9:37 AM by Bob Mihalic

Renovated car lot to become smoked meats take out restaurant called "Block and Barley."  The Post and Courier reports on the new venture.  Click Here to Read


Major Investment
 Posted: 11/29/21 8:23 AM by Bob Mihalic

The vision becomes reality.  "...a thriving commercial corridor built around innovation."  Another major investment in the District brings great news for 2022.   Read the story of Crescent Startup Community. 


Project Nearing Completion- Community Excited
 Posted: 09/20/19 9:09 AM by Bob Mihalic

The communinity in and around the Poinsett District has noticed all the work being done on and along the highway. Citizens asked the Greenville News what was up, and they answered with an update.
Project 80% Complete- Greenville News article


"Major Development"
 Posted: 08/09/18 9:21 AM by Bob Mihalic

"This is so much more..." Investment in the Poinsett District continues. The revitalization of the gateway between Greenville County and downtown Greenville has momentum and major impacts are being felt...with more to come.
WYFF story on Spinx        Greenville Journal Story


Big Changes for the Poinsett District- May 2018
 Posted: 05/24/18 11:56 AM by Bob Mihalic

"Improvement is happening now!"  

Ballentine Food Service Equipment now an "anchor" for growing the area.

WYFF Video


The "Character" of the Area
 Posted: 05/10/18 9:54 AM by Bob Mihalic

The Greenville News asks: What's the story behind the mural on Poinsett Highway bridge in Greenville?

Link to Greenville News Story


Forge: "Rebirth of a Corridor"
 Posted: 04/17/18 11:44 AM by Bob Mihalic


Facade Program
 Posted: 04/17/18 11:42 AM by Bob Mihalic

In June of 2017, Poinsett Corridor business owners and tenants proudly took advantage of access to up to $10,000 in forgivable loans to invest in facades, signage, improved streetscape, parking and other efforts to make businesses more attractive, accessible, and code compliant.

The Poinsett Corridor Façade Improvement Program is an exciting program that should be a catalyst for economic development in the corridor.

“This area that we call the Poinsett District has more potential than any other area of Greenville County to become a complete community,” says Greenville County Council Chairman Butch Kirve ...


Poinsett District is "Opportunity Zone"
 Posted: 04/17/18 2:28 PM by Bob Mihalic

The  geographic area of the Poinsett District (in blue above) has officially been declared a Federal "Opportunity Zone" as have 9 other County areas including three connecting to the Poinsett Hwy area. 

Op ...